Cooling Tables​

LineMaterialISO Thickness mmAggregateTemp. rangeRefrigerantFeaturesInner sizeSpecial features
IGREENAISI 304 stainless steel60tropicalized +43°C-2°/+10°CR134a2-4 compartments
doors or doors and one
drawer compartment 2x 1/2
GN 1/1Energy saving unit
UNIVERSALAISI 304 stainless steel60tropicalized +43°C0°/+10°C
Drawer cabinets: 2X 1/2 and
3 x 1/3 deep-freezing 2-3 compartments Doors
Depth 70 cm for GN 1/1 or depth 60 cmOptional:
more thrust compartments
on request
coated steel
60tropicalized+43°C0°/+10°CR134a2-4 compartments
doors and drawers: 2x1/2 and
3 x 1/3
GN 1/1
KI CentralAISI 304 stainless steel60-2°/+8°C
2-4 compartments
doors and drawers
GN 1/1for central-
SNACKAISI 304 stainless steel60tropicalized +43°C0°/+10°C
R134a2-3 compartments
doors and drawers
GN 2/1Undermount
cooling table

Pizza counters / Saladettes

LineMaterialAggregateTemp.RefrigerantFeaturesInner sizeSpecial Features
PizzaAISI 304 stainless steeltropicalized +43¡C0°/+10°CR404a2-4 compartments
doors or doors and one
7 drawing compartments
GN divers mit QuerschienenCombinable on demand
Display cabinetAISI 304 stainless steel/glass0°/+10°CR134aDepth 330 /370 mmGN1/2, 1/4, 1/6, 1/9Glass cover
SaladetteAISI 304 stainless steel+30°C0°/+8°CR600aPlus cooling doorsdepth 70 cm for GN various

Refrigerators / Freezers

LineMaterialISO thickness mmEvaporatorAggregateTemp. RangeRefrigerantGrill support
Inner sizeIlluminationLockSpecial features
X-TREMEAISI 304 stainless steel75outside cool roomtropicalized +43°C-2°/ +8°C
-22°/ -15°C
Inside panels mouldedGN 2/1yesyesEnergy saving unit
NEX-TO-PLUSAISI 304 stainless steel75outside cool roomtropicalized +43°C-2°/ +8°C
-20°/ -10°C
R290Inside panels mouldedGN 2/1yesyesCentral cooling
EGOAISI 304 stainless steel75outside cool roomtropicalized +43°C-2°/ +8°C
-20°/ -10°C
Adjustable railsGN 2/1yesyes
FREEZY NEWAISI 304 stainless steel75Inside cool roomtropicalized +43°C0°/+10°C
-6°/ +6°C
Adjustable railsDepth 83,5cm fŸor GN 2/1
or 73,5 cm
glass doors
fish refrigerators
combination models
SINE NEWAntifingerprint coated steel75Inside cool roomtropicalized +43°C0°/+10°C
R134aAdjustable railsGN 2/1yesyes

Blast freezer / chillers

LineMaterialISO Thickness mmAggregateCooling capacityRefrigerantFeaturesInner sizeSpecial features
FLASHAISI 304 stainless steel55+32°C16-22kg in 90 min
10-13kg in 240 min
R404aCrosswise and
lengthwise slide-in
inserts possible
GN 1/1 EN 60x40Base unit for combi-steamers
or stand alone
FLASHAISI 304 stainless steel75+32°C45-100kg in 90 min
25-50kg in 240 min
R404aEinschŸübe quer und lŠängs mšöglichGN 1/1 EN 60x40Stand alone