Various Sizes
angolo evo
Hygienic design thanks of rounded edges

We offer cooling cells for any required space

Plus cooling: +0 / +4°C

Cold storage cells for pre-cooling/storage

  • Beverages
  • Prepared meals for the upcoming event
  • Hygienic design with rounded corners, in the connection between wall, floor and ceiling panels.
  • Components and their clamp mounting of the vertical and horizontal panels make installation quick and easy.
  • Step entrance
  • Optimization of the interior space, for the construction of shelves
  • Space-saving assembly of the unit
    These cabins can be placed anywhere.

EVOKIT system: mini cold rooms, 2 heights, 35 models, volumes between 1.8 cbm and 12 cbm, walkable floor

EVOSYSTEM system: System cells in 3 insulation thicknesses, 7 heights, 10 cm grid, floor suitable for vehicles, combi cells for plus and minus temperature possible

(System Multi on request)

The cold rooms are manufactured in a system that is particularly easy and quick to set up. With the integrated rounded corners, you create a perfect hygienic design without additional seals. We design the capacity of the cooling unit according to your requirements. You only need to assemble and install the cell and unit in accordance with the instructions.

Useful Documentation

Insulation thickness 80mm
Quick installation due to hooked locking system
System EVOKIT walk-on