Individual configuration

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Please read these questions carefully and then answer them as accurately as possible.
If there are more of your requirements, please also enter them in the “Individual Form” section after the configurator.

These answers are the prerequisite for planning the best working solution for you.
If you already have the plans of your designer, please insert them into the Drag&Drop area.

What we need to plan your counter system:
Floor plan
Location of your water supply connection in the floor plan (we need exact dimensions from your planner)

Cooling Counter Worktop

What material is planned for the countertop?
(Stainless steel, brass, marble, granite or other stone materials such as artificial stones such as CORIAN)?
Are there wall connections or modifications such as bar shelves planned?

Construction of the counter system

What material is planned for the surface of your counter?
For example, stainless steel, powder coating, brass or free design according to the specifications of your planner or interior designer.

Drawer/door parts

How many bottles or crates should be cooled in the drawers?
Size of bottles for selecting drawer heights
Are barrels or bottles (beverage crates) cooled in the door compartments? Is illumination required?

Cooling technology

Temperature range your counter should have (recommended for drinks 6-8° C)
Should the cooling unit be located in the counter (plug-in version) or outside?
Is the counter integrated into a cooling system?
Which refrigerant is permissible based on the site plan of the building supervisory authority or the building?


If the refrigeration unit is installed outdoors, we need pictures of the time of day from sunrise approx. every 3 hours until sunset from the location.

Covering of the Refrigerated Counter

Which material in which thickness is planned for the panelling? Important for determining the overlap of the worktop over the carcass

Environmental Conditions

Maximum room temperature (+32°C: European standard temperature)
Ventilation (window/air conditioning) available?
Floor coverings of stone or wood or carpet?
Have you planned carpeting for your rooms? In this case we need more information.
Is the counter in aggressive environmental conditions? (swimming pool, near railway tracks, etc.)

Non-Cooled Area

What other equipment is intended for use in the refrigerated counter? Glasswasher
Ice-cube machine

Upgrade Options

Vitrines with single or insulating glazing (doors or sliding doors) Cooling troughs for bottles, ice cubes, etc. (active or passive cooling)

How much space is available for the use of front-end devices such as: Coffee machine planned (water connection)
Top display cases (tapas cooler, cake display case), other equipment?

Worktop extension with furniture, cupboards, drawers, etc. (uncooled)

Would you like to combine the worktop and connect it to the cooling counter section?

Equipment options for uncooled areas

Furnishings e.g. with space for:
Drawers for cutlery, dishes etc.?
Is a cash drawer planned with or without alarm? Key lockable manager’s drawer
What else do you store in the front part (uncooled)?

Order inquiry

For more information about your project, please answer these questions in this guideline. Please note that the more details you provide about your project, the better it will be to offer you the solution that is right for your business.

Many thanks to you!